Friday, April 15, 2011

Denim & Lace, Big Beats & Heavy Bass

I'm leaving for a well-needed trip to the Philippines with my pops this Sunday. And tonight I arranged a bit of a gathering to see some friends before my leave. 

I had the troops meet up at this new spot called the Townhouse Speakeasy in Venice. I'm a frequent Westside rager and am proud to say that I've have had many a Pabst tallboy at this place.  The laid back dive always had a basement, but hasn't opened its doors in years.  Well, the new speakeasy re-opened 2 weeks ago and imagine my surprise when I heard of the new Dirty Kicks gathering there Thursday nights, hosted by local radio station, KCRW (89.9- also an affiliate for NPR).

With good friends in tow, we graced through the heavy draped entrance, made our way downstairs and quickly learned that the new secret spot was AMAZING. Down in the depths of one of Venice beach's best bars, was a large, far-from-crowded room that evoked the nostalgia of prohibition in the 20s.

Dark crimson wallpaper crept to the ceiling and Venice locals peppered its comfortable booths.  Spinning beats from the DJ echoed through the dark hall and had dancers on their feet. Bellowing bass and sharp vibrations from the music tingled our bums but pricey drinks didn't fully satisfy our thirst.  The vibe was cooler than cool, it was ice cold. I loved every minute of it and it was worth the less-than-frugal drinks.  I definitely recommend it to any adventurous Angeleno with a taste for positive energy, appreciation for hidden LA gems, and an ear for good beats.

As for my upcoming trip to the Philippines, I cannot express my excitement yet, because frankly it has not hit me.  I have a feeling it will the day of. Perhaps while I sit amongst other travelers at a crowded gate patiently waiting to board the plane.

It has been over 15 years since my last trip to the my parent's lovely homeland. This will be my first time as an adult, so I do not exaggerate when I say this will be an experience of a lifetime.

Though I am a Filipino-American who has 100% embraced the grit and pride of the American culture, I'm ready to fully explore the origins of my roots.  I can't wait to see my fun family members, drink coconut water straight from the husk, and photograph every Utopian hidden gem.

I'll be honest though.  I have a few concerns and as pleased as I am to visit the beautiful country that I stem from, I am nervous about mosquitoes, Dengue fever, malaria, and possible radiation exposure (on account of Japan's nuclear plant dilemmas).  Not to mention the expected gawking from locals who can smell my American blood from a mile away.   In addition, the expected and intentional fat remarks from family won't be too pleasant. I've prepared myself for the worst and know that it's accustomed to think about the risks when traveling. I'm trying hard not to freak out about it, I am maintaining a safe and sound attitude, and will exercise full caution.

With that in mind, it'll be FANTASTIC!!! Right? Anyway, this probably means I'll won't be blogging much while I'm gone. :(

Enough of my rambling.  Here are some photos of my outfit for my special night out.

Where'd my eyes go? Bangs are a bit overgrown. 

Just can't seem to quit these holey, over-worn boots.

*Denim vest is DIY from an old jacket from Old Navy, Belt from Old Navy, Lace dress from discount store, Boots by Steve Madden, Necklace is an Italian cameo made and gifted by my ex's father who was a Gemologist.

Have a fantastic weekend! I'll soon be leaving on a jet plane...



  1. Love the bangs and like you, mine get so long sometimes. lol. Great DIY btw. :)

  2. i hope you have an amazing time in the philippines! bring me back somethin' real nice. ;D

    also, you look super foxy!

  3. o-m-g Joy! you look fabulous! <33 I am in love with that denim vest, where did you get it?! Have a wonderful trip chica! ;)


  4. Thanks ladies! Hope you all are well.

    @classic daisy Daisy, I made it myself. Or more accurately, cut it myself. It was an old denim jacket. If you have one laying around, you should totally make one! I'm thinking of adding some studs to it, but we'll see.

  5. VERY cute! lovin' the boots and the vest. we have the same camera i think :-)


  6. Love the denim and boots combo!

    I know the feeling about your bangs at the moment, mines overgrown a little too! You look amazing!

    Jessica xx

  7. BOW CHICKA WOW WOW!! Girl you are looking super duper HOT!! I love that dress on you! I have a DIY vest too!! Have fun on your trip! Kiah

  8. love your hair! check out my blog and etsy! i put up a spring lookbook for it.

  9. I love the whole outfit. I can see why you can't get rid of the boots, they have character. I look forward to seeing your pics from your trip to the Philippines.

  10. Love this outfit! Looking hot as usual lady! :)


  11. You look great! Love the entire outfit..and your bangs:))

  12. OMG you are stunning! Your out fit is to die for! The bangs are so you! I am so a new follower now, and quite surprized I just found!
    Look amazing girl

  13. Nice outfit, you look very attractive. your skirts show off your legs and makes you look sexier.!