Monday, June 27, 2011

Thirst for True Blood

Why yes, yes those are my lips. :)

I'm a total Trubie and I was wondering what you other True Blood fans thought of the Season 4 premiere. In true TB and premium programming fashion, the show started off quite unimpressive as it really was just catching us all up with everyone's stories.

A year has gone by (SPOILER ALERT) while Sook's been in fairyland, Bill is King, Tera's a lesbian, Jessica and Hoyt are finding the stresses in living together, the Sheriff's hooked on V and LaFayette is being pulled into the Witch world by his bf Jesus. Whoa! And that's not even the half of it. So much to keep up with! Btw, what's up with LaFayette's hair?! I love his character but his fashion sense has been way over the top the last couple of seasons. Anyway, even though the first show of the season wasn't much of a bang (I don't even think I saw Eric with a shirt off, oh poo!), I'm excited to keep up and hope it doesn't disappoint.

What did you guys think?

Fat Kid Friday

Hope you wonderful peeps had a great weekend! Ok, I know we're actually into the wee hours of Monday morning, but my friend's family owns a Korean BBQ restaurant and every once in a while a bunch of us will get together on Fridays for a good culture-fashioned meat fest.  We like to call it "Fat Kid Fridays," hence one of the many things I did over the weekend.

The restaurant charges $17 for unlimited meat and sides.  A staple in LA, Korean food is definitely something to celebrate.  I adore all their tapas style dishes including pickled radishes, kimchi and of course, the meat! Short ribs are my fave.  While I don't have any pictures of the amazing food we filled our tummies with, here's what I wore.  Between my walls and my sweater, there's alotta yellow fever goin' on. :)

Yes, I do have a hole in my sweater.  I'm that po'.

I'm made sure everything was stretchy for the grubdown. Sweater- American Eagle, Skirt- Forever 21.

The wall.

After a short break from the Uke (a gift from a guy I recently stopped dating. Yah, the one that broke my heart), I buckled up, got back on and learned a new song. I am a bit of a musician, you see. I adore and appreciate music of all kinds. I also love to sing and mess around on a few instruments.  I'm not that good but I dabble after being forced to play the piano for 9 years.  Now, I'm more of a strings kinda gal.  Here's a Zee Avi cover called Honey Bee. I quickly recorded this through the Photobooth app of my Mac so please excuse the poor quality in sound. The visual quality and timing was bad too, so I just completely cut it out all together. Well, not really. If you expand into full screen, you can see me play. It'll just look ridiculous cuz the timing is off. Oh well. Enjoy!

Have a good week everyone!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Today is bittersweet.

I'm celebrating Father's Day with my wonderful pops, remembering my deceased Lolo (grandfather), who's birthday is today but also mourning the loss of my dad's brother who passed away this morning. It's been a long battle, but the war is over. I love you, Tatay Medes and will never forget your vivacious and humorous spirit. 
My Dad and uncle Medes in Manila in the 70s.  My pops is the one with the sweet suit. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

3 Things.

Number 1: These are words we can all live by. Especially for me since I'm a Journalist and I make mistakes more than I know, I'm sure. Thank God for copywriters and editors. :)

Number 2: Here's another clever bit.  My faves are the top and bottom on the right side. The top left too is pretty awesome. 

Number 3: This is somewhat how I'm feeling right now.  The guy I just recently stopped dating is far from stupid, but did stupid things and was rather flakey.  I guess I was the one that was stupid for stickin' around so long.  I deserve something a little bit more substantial than that. So I guess I'm no longer with stupid and also no longer the stupid one myself...for now....LOL.

Hope you guys are well!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I know I still owe you guys stuff... from the Philippines and outfits posts and stuff, but life has deterred me from blogging. Here's something in the meantime...

In my hour of sorrow
I can't help but wallow
My heart weighs heavy 

My mind is hollow

But with the depths of my spirit
I can't make this linger
For the burn of today
Will be the love of tomorrow

I feel like I may have stolen this bit, but the thoughts just came to my head and I started writing them in my journal.

Hope you guys are well! I've been trying to keep up with all of your awesome posts but it can get hard when there's so much information out there. It's almost the weekend, yay! Hope y'all have a good one.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Cupcakes are good, but overexposed. Don't ya think?

The next fad should be fried ice cream, or something amazeballs like that.

In semi-relation to cupcakes, here's what's goin' on in the world besides what we are all wearing.

Operation Cupcake

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Have you ever fantasized about what your future partner's name would be? I have. In my countless crushes, I've come across many Justins that I really liked. And after closetly falling in love with Justin Timberlake while he was in N'Sync (I listened to Pantera, Sublime and Rage Against the Machine at the time), I started to fantasize about mixing our two names together. Hence, "JustinJoy." Hehe, as in "Just Enjoy." Silly, I know. It would be pretty damn cool if I dated a Justin though. Cooler than Brangelina, don't ya think?

At present day, I'm happy to report that I'm no longer a closet JT fan. I openly love and appreciate him for his keen, wannabe-Michael dance skills, his appropriately high falsetto (which makes him seem a little gay-ish), his cute Mickey Mouse club face, and his ability to make women swoon.  I even miss his old margarine-styled Jew Fro (that was an ode to Sue Sylvester).

He's just got it, folks! And you can't forget DICK IN A BOX!!! Those four words alone define his greatness. In case you need a good laugh this week, enjoy the latest SNL Digital Short.

Love the wardrobe, totally brings me back to the early 90s.