Friday, April 15, 2011

Denim & Lace, Big Beats & Heavy Bass

I'm leaving for a well-needed trip to the Philippines with my pops this Sunday. And tonight I arranged a bit of a gathering to see some friends before my leave. 

I had the troops meet up at this new spot called the Townhouse Speakeasy in Venice. I'm a frequent Westside rager and am proud to say that I've have had many a Pabst tallboy at this place.  The laid back dive always had a basement, but hasn't opened its doors in years.  Well, the new speakeasy re-opened 2 weeks ago and imagine my surprise when I heard of the new Dirty Kicks gathering there Thursday nights, hosted by local radio station, KCRW (89.9- also an affiliate for NPR).

With good friends in tow, we graced through the heavy draped entrance, made our way downstairs and quickly learned that the new secret spot was AMAZING. Down in the depths of one of Venice beach's best bars, was a large, far-from-crowded room that evoked the nostalgia of prohibition in the 20s.

Dark crimson wallpaper crept to the ceiling and Venice locals peppered its comfortable booths.  Spinning beats from the DJ echoed through the dark hall and had dancers on their feet. Bellowing bass and sharp vibrations from the music tingled our bums but pricey drinks didn't fully satisfy our thirst.  The vibe was cooler than cool, it was ice cold. I loved every minute of it and it was worth the less-than-frugal drinks.  I definitely recommend it to any adventurous Angeleno with a taste for positive energy, appreciation for hidden LA gems, and an ear for good beats.

As for my upcoming trip to the Philippines, I cannot express my excitement yet, because frankly it has not hit me.  I have a feeling it will the day of. Perhaps while I sit amongst other travelers at a crowded gate patiently waiting to board the plane.

It has been over 15 years since my last trip to the my parent's lovely homeland. This will be my first time as an adult, so I do not exaggerate when I say this will be an experience of a lifetime.

Though I am a Filipino-American who has 100% embraced the grit and pride of the American culture, I'm ready to fully explore the origins of my roots.  I can't wait to see my fun family members, drink coconut water straight from the husk, and photograph every Utopian hidden gem.

I'll be honest though.  I have a few concerns and as pleased as I am to visit the beautiful country that I stem from, I am nervous about mosquitoes, Dengue fever, malaria, and possible radiation exposure (on account of Japan's nuclear plant dilemmas).  Not to mention the expected gawking from locals who can smell my American blood from a mile away.   In addition, the expected and intentional fat remarks from family won't be too pleasant. I've prepared myself for the worst and know that it's accustomed to think about the risks when traveling. I'm trying hard not to freak out about it, I am maintaining a safe and sound attitude, and will exercise full caution.

With that in mind, it'll be FANTASTIC!!! Right? Anyway, this probably means I'll won't be blogging much while I'm gone. :(

Enough of my rambling.  Here are some photos of my outfit for my special night out.

Where'd my eyes go? Bangs are a bit overgrown. 

Just can't seem to quit these holey, over-worn boots.

*Denim vest is DIY from an old jacket from Old Navy, Belt from Old Navy, Lace dress from discount store, Boots by Steve Madden, Necklace is an Italian cameo made and gifted by my ex's father who was a Gemologist.

Have a fantastic weekend! I'll soon be leaving on a jet plane...


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blue Skies Smilin' At Me

Here are some photographs from a recent trip to one of my favorite camping spots, Joshua Tree. Now, I'm a total "concrete jungle" kinda gal but I also love taking time away from the city to turning off my phone (not that we had range anyway) and revel in nature and all it's beauty.

Warning: this post is picture heavy! There was just too much beauty to capture.

"You're my boy, Blue."

Old Mine

It was so great and I love that camping gives you an excuse not to shower for a few days. Ya, I'm a dirty birdy sometimes.

My girlfriends and I spent most of our leisurely time cooking over the open fire (it takes forever to cook that way but proud that us powerful ladies started the fire), sitting in the shade, enjoying good conversation, drinks, smoke, and music (I played some tunes on my ukulele) by the open flame. Man, the smell of wood burning really hits the spot. The weather was a perfect 85 degrees, the spring flowers were in bloom and the skies were smilin' at me. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Color Me Mine.

Last Sunday, I celebrated my girlfriend's 29th birthday by having a picnic at the Old Zoo ruins in Griffith Park (for all you LA folk, this is a hidden gem). The weather was pristine and couldn't have had it any better. In accordance with the beautiful day, I donned a fun, bright and youthful outfit.

*Top/dress from Target, Jeans from Torrid, Sweater from Torrid and Hat from SM mall. 

Hope you all are having a good week.

Peace, love, mounds of joy and muscle-powered cars,


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

Adele is the quintessential modern maven for the somber ballad.  Her incredible lyrics and weighty tones never fail to evoke true, deep-seated love.

Her song "He Won't Go" from her newest album 21, describes how I currently feel about my love life....*sigh* Anyone ever feel the way I do?


"You like me, you really really like me."

Ever see that Sally Field speech in the 70s where she won an Oscar for some movie I don't even know the name of? Well, she says that line and it's been a pretty popular saying since.

On that note, I want to thank you guys for your sweet comments.  Seriously, as a new blogger, I'm entranced by this wonderful, virtual world.  It's not like facebook where you network through friends of friends, or people you work with.  It's the webbing of millions of people, just like you and me, connected through small screens, informational & entertaining writing (real writing- not just status updates and notes), photographs and millions of other bits of information that float above our heads.

I love that I can gain inspiration from fashionistas across the world and people like you.  Ah, Internet, I really really do love you. 

Here's another outfit post taken from Saturday night. My sister photographed me before my Aunt Shirley's 50th birthday party. It was Luau night, and we were to dress accordingly, but it seriously was too cold for a skimpy Hawaiian outfit.  What's up with the CA weather, Angelenos?!

Well, when I got there tons of ladies (even older ones) where wearing skimpy Hawaiian outfits. For shame.  I should've participated. Sheesh, I guess I'm a bit of a pussy.

Why so serious? I think it's time for a bigger bookshelf.

My self-defense weapons.

My Cognacs.
*Button-up (oversize, but not for me) dress shirt from BP Apparel-Nordstroms, belt from Old Navy, skirt from discount store at the ghetto mall. Love that store. I think it's called Mode Plus.  Boots by Steve Madden.

These badass boots have done me some good.  I think I got them in 2007-2008 from Nordstoms, but they're made by Steve Madden.  The quality isn't that great and should have been better for such a staple shoe. They were $200!  Eh, they were pretty much worth it.  I wore them almost every weekend for years and probably have spent one too many a drunken/dancing night with them.  They've even got holes in the front. :/ It's definitely time for a new pair.

Crap, I forgot to accessorize with a purse again.  Oh well, Ce la Vie.

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

p.s. Pics from the Luau to come.  My sister got some great shots!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I am a fashion enthusiast but also take joy in the comfort of an old, perfectly-fitted pair of jeans. With California's tough economy, it's hard to consistently maintain my wardrobe with the latest trends.  But in positivity, I make do of what remains in my slightly outdated, heavily-filled,  sporadically used clothing collection.

On that note, I'm am comfortably dressed in my FIRST EVER [poorly] planned OOTD post. Or rather, the Joy Du Jour, as I take pleasure in donning an random, yet well put together outfit on the spot.  I barely had enough time to squeeze in a self-shoot before I headed to North Hollywood to interview local metal band Stitched Up Heart (I'm a freelance writer for local news site, the Palisades Patch). 

The outfit isn't as glamorous and hip as I'd like it to be, but as I implied, times are tough.  With very little time, I utilized some old pieces, mixed in some favorites and even threw in my infrequently-used Mickey Mouse tee. I made it work.  Not to mention dressed appropriately for my casual interview with some kick-ass rockers.

The only thing I would've done differently is add more accessories.  My turquoise ostrich leather purse would compliment this outfit perfectly and I'd even throw in a couple more cocktail rings for that extra oomph. Well, enough chit chat....

Here's my outfit as well as some photos of Stitched Up Heart from my interview. And yes, yes I do wear my sunglasses indoors. :)

Joy Du Jour

Gosh, fashion blogging makes us so narcissistic.

**Blazer by Torrid, Mickey Mouse tee from Disney, Discount joyfriend jeans (you don't need a bf to own bf jeans), Clogs by Bakers, Belt from Jet Lag Vintage, Earring from Tres Jolie.**

Stitched Up Heart at AMP Studios

EnJOY the weekend everyone!

Peace, love, mounds of Joy and muscle-powered cars,


Friday, April 8, 2011

Yes, please!

I've been having trouble finding a plus-size version of last Monday's pleated maxi skirt post.  Mango and H&M carries these beauties but not in my size.  So, while perusing online stores, I came across this wonderful alternative from ASOS Curve.  Damn it, why don't I have tons of expendable income right now?! I'm in dire need of a shopping spree.

ASOS Curve Printed Midi Skirt

Wedding Belles

And "Belles" these women are! There's been a lot of wedding talk lately.  Photos have emerged from Reese Witherspoon's second nuptual and the whole world is anticipating the highly publicized royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

I've been reading wedding news in the virtual world too.  Blogger Anna from Fash Boulevard just got engaged, posted photos of her commemorative event and also posted pictures of last Winter's Nicole Richie/Joel Madden wedding.  Then I'm came across Hong Kong blogger Coco Celine's post regarding Vogue UK's gorgeous wedding editorial. Talk about amazeballs!

Maybe Spring brings it out in people, but the last thing on my mind right now is marriage. However, as a young woman who has been conditioned with the likes of fairy tales and animated Disney films, I cannot help but fantasize about my dream wedding gown. These photos really did it for me. 

From Vogue UK's May 2011 issue:

Photographed by Mark Testino

Modeled by Arizona Muse, Krisi Pyrhonen, Madelene De La Motte, Irina Berezina, Karmen Pedaru and Fei Fei Sun

Styled by Lucinda Chambers

Isn't the photography and styling charming? I especially love the uniformed men and women in the back [and fore]ground. With gowns like these, marriage and a wedding look ten times more appealing.  Unlike the sadly-draped outfits in the photo below.

Poor souls.  Is LOVE really that toxic?!

I'm in love with the romantic, yet dramatic quality of the lace in the first gown. What's your favorite from the series?

Peace, love, mounds of joy, and muscle-powered cars....


Monday, April 4, 2011

Yes, please!

 I need a skirt like this one from Monki

I've seen a handful of fashionistas post outfits with this skirt on their blog and man, the skirt screams style! It reminds me of my mother. In the 70s she had some major style and a skirt just like this one. 

Anyone know where I can order this in the US?

Secret Stair Session: Walk #23 - Black cats, ladybugs, and besties.

Spring is here! And as you may or may not know, I have this goal to visit every secret stair location in the book by Fleming called "Secret Stairs: A Walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of Los Angeles."

Spring is such a beautiful season. I adore going out and exploring the city with such sun-smooched weather. Flowers are blooming, bees are pollinating and the air is crisp and clear. In LA, concrete jungles and real nature are not at all far from each other. We are so lucky.

My friend Itzy and I both had the day off and did this 3 hour stair session in the eastern part of Los Angeles, called Silverlake. The sun was glistening and the weather was a fine 74 degrees.

As we approached our first staircase, we were greeted by a friendly black cat walking down the stairs towards us.  We said hello and gave it a good rub.  I don't know what was up but we came across three other black cats en route. They usually are considered bad luck when they cross paths, but Itzy and I saw them as good omens, as met us at every new turn on the map. Perhaps that specific neighborhood has a thing for black cats. Who knows?  There were also dozens of ladybugs and Itz and I acknowledged them to be signs of good luck. With the cats, the ladybugs, the weather, exercise and some good convo,  I couldn't have asked for better time.

Here are pics from the excursion. Although it wasn't a very fashionable day for us, the views, beauty in LA nature and homes in the urban city were amazing.

Angelenos, did you know that Silverlake has an actual lake? I would've never thought. But it obviously makes sense.

Black Cat #1

This home (or castle) used to belong to Judy Garland back in the 1930s.

Front entrance to Garland home

Colorblocking on a house!

Testing out my new reflector.

Black cat #4

Another ladybug! Lol.

Me doing the stupid duckface.  Us ladies can't help it!