Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sex Pot? More like Sex Cauldron.

Here are some shots from a session that my friend, V, and I did shortly after breaking up with my ex in 2009.  I was in need of a confidence boost and this photo shoot definitely did the job.

I know we've been told many times, but I can't help but be cliche and say that women are sexy in all shapes and sizes.  But it's true! And I am an example of that.

As a voluptuous lady, I encourage you to go out and take shots of yourself.  So ladies, put on a snazzy outfit, paint your face with some gorgeous makeup, try a new do, and take photos of yourself in beautiful surroundings.  Embrace your flaws and show the world, and more importantly yourself, that you are alluring, charming and most of all, SEXY!!!

Photography by Vanessa Moller
Hair, Make-up, Styling by yours truly
Bike: Gift from the ex. Purchased at Chubby's One Stop Cruisers. Thanks J, for giving me the bike of my dreams.  

Sweatshirt by American Apparel, Bra by Cacique.


  1. you look amazing! very sexy! love the shots! and love the blog! I am deffinitely a new follower! :D keep posting amazing things!


  2. Thanks A! I really appreciate your thoughts as well as you following. When I become quasi-famous, you can revel in being my first follower! :P

    Best of luck to you!


  3. beautiful, you have inspired me to do more self-portraits with more body and more me in general!

    its so nice to see that shape really has no place when it comes to fashion, style, or self-exoression. its all fair game! and your confidence is living proof honey.

    --love, daisy

  4. Love the photos!!! I follow u, u follow me right?? Look forward to seeing more of ur posts!!

  5. Daisy: The beauty about fashion is that it allows one to express creativity and character through clothes and accessories. Not only are you intelligent and a talented writer, but you also have an amazing sense of fashion. I'm happy you are willing to show off more if it by taking more self-portraits. As an extension of art, our bodies and what we put on them are elements that we should all celebrate.

    Mary: Welcome to the blogging world! I'm a newbie too. I love that you posted all the great deals that you've scored and I love your taste in shoes. Btw, your son is wayyy to cute!

    Best to both of you and thanks so much for following.

    Peace, love, and muscle-powered cars. <3

  6. Hey Joy!

    Your pictures are awesome,and you're suuuper pretty, go girl. Anyways, I stumbled upon your blog through YFF's comments and I see you're a newbie like me! So woo hoo for newbie solidarty! It's super fun blogging, and I'm just trying to get better and better as I go along. Best of luck to you with everything!


  7. seriously hot shit! Im looking forward to more posts <3 Glad to follow you

    Big Love



  8. Thanks to both of you! Man, this new blogging thing is opening up my world!

  9. You are beautiful girl! Thank you so much for checking out my blog and following me. I am now following you.

  10. Absolutely stunning and super fierce! I love it!

  11. HOT HOT HOT!!! You look amazing girl! Thanks for stopping by! I am now following you as well ;)


  12. okay....so I just realised that I have been here before but my follow musn't have worked then.....BUT is is now!!!

    so once again...GLAD TO FINALLY FOLLOW!!

  13. Great photo shoot, very inspirational.