Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This is what's up. Very Be Careful AND Dustbowl Revival at the Zorthian Ranch on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Yes, please!  This will be photo heaven. :) Keep checkin' in for an update.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Very Be Careful: Warning-very heavy photo post.

Despite the endless gridlock traffic and a nasty smog that happens to make the prettiest sunsets on the West Coast, Los Angeles is my love. People don't understand the vastness of this place until they get here. Then they realize how MASSIVE LA is. There is so much to do and see and as a native living here for almost all my life, I still haven't made a proper dent in the City of Angels.

I plan on living in another city or perhaps abroad for a year one day but for now, I continue to make an effort to check out new places. LA is a cultural oyster and there is too much to soak in. So why not live life, and see what's out there in the community and meet new, interesting people.

On that note, I went to check out a local Vallenato/Cumbia band last night called Very Be Careful at the very popular downtown bar/dance club La Cita.  The band and fellow Colombianos gathered this hot night to celebrate Colombian Independence Day. 

La Cita is a Downtown treat oozing with Latin culture. Known for their dancing and live music, the place has a long bar upfront with local patrons peppering the seats. Cumbia music blares and everyone inside is either latin or hispanic. Walking in on your left, next to a small stage are luscious ladies kickin their feet to the beats. Disco lights dancing around them.

A friend that was DJing that night, recommended that I make sure to check out the patio because of its sick view of the DT skyline. So, after I ordered a moderately priced Jameson and Ginger, I made my way out back to check out the scene.

Suddenly, a different vibe was cast. Punk rock music echoed throughout the patio and young hipsters, greasers and cool cats were enjoying the cool night air. The dichotomy between the inside and outside was just amazing. All those people, partying in one place.

After my 5th Whiskey Ginger (I know it's a lot but I got there early), the band finally made their way to the stage around midnight or so. Everyone, inside and out, came together and made their way to the stage, sardined on the small dance floor for some good old accordian-playin' Cumbia.

With the simplicity of traditional Vallenato sounds plus a demeanor that screams punk rock, these guys could wail! Pieced together with the accordian, bass, bongos, Guiro (a ridged gourd played with a thin stick) and cowbell, this band was just plain fun! Latin sounds, sweaty dancers, a hot ass venue and high energy combined with the wailing spanish harmonies made for a kick ass show. It's no surprise they had everyone in the club boogieing the night away!

Well, enough jib jab from me....here are some photos from the event.

Not the band.

The only pic of myself that night.

How awesome are his glasses? Kind of steampunk-ish.

Sweatin' balls.

Lead singer is giving me the stink-eye.

I love how he hugs his accordian.

Guy in the foreground, with the light blue button up practically molested me on the dance floor.  In a nice way, I guess.

Arturo slappin' the bass.

You can never go wrong with Cowbell.

The girl behind this one with the blonde streaks totally gave me her fan after I lost mine.  How sweet. :)

This one is a bit cheesy, but I dig it.

A very friendly Kat with her man.

Valerie. An awesome bartender that introduced me to Honey Jack and soda with a squeeze of lime.  Yum!

The patio.

Kick ass view!

A handsome Frenchie named Stephan with his buddy, Seth.

Something I found to be very beautiful.

Here's a taste of what VBC sounds like, it's a much better experience in person:

I love you with all my boobs....

Le Love This is so fitting.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Carmageddon Shmarmageddon!

Any Angeleno knows of the great hype that was deemed "Carmageddon," where the 405 freeway shut down a substantial section this past weekend (fuck the 405, by the way). That freeways sucks!

Well, the closure had everyone assuming that LA traffic would be pretty much gridlocked, and commuting anywhere in this city was predicted to be a huge pain in the ass.

We couldn't have been any more wrong. The freeway closure and months of warnings about it resulted in millions of Angelenos staying in or fleeing outside of town, and boy, were the streets a luxurious empty. I dared to brave the streets doing my normal routine and venturing West to hang with friends. Driving down the deserted highway (at least for LA standards) was incredibly refreshing. In a place where traffic is some of the worst in the world, Carmageddon was Awesomegeddon. There were very few cars on the freeway and it took me less than 10 minutes to get to Santa Monica from Mid-City, Los Angeles.

Everyone was wrong (I had a hint that it wouldn't be as bad as everyone said it was going to be). We should have freeway closures more often.

Here's an article about how some really cool friggin people took advantage of the closure for some fun times and an awesome photograph. I wish I could say that I did something just as daring.

Have a great week, everyone!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What is life without Music?


Here's a local, Venice-based band called The Dustbowl Revival that I am quickly falling in love with. This large collective of over ten instrumentalists offers a totally unique, vintage style of music that brings back the zeitgeist of the 1930s. If you love Django Reinhardt, you love these guys.

If this ear candy is of anything to your liking, read and learn more about them here.


Please excuse me while I wipe my mouth off from all the excess drool. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

What is the Meaning of Life?

I've never been that good of a writer. As a journalist, I realize this is a problem and in order to alleviate it, I've been reading more articles, columns and blogs.

Here's a piece from one of the most inspirational Internet authors around, Tina Su. As a fellow Asian woman, I 've always felt like I related to her. Her blog ThinkSimpleNoW has always pointed me in the right direction and does a good job imposing self reflection.

Check this one write-up about The Meaning of Life. So good.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Don't be such a Kiwi. Be a free bird, and come fly with me!

Kiwis can fly too.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ah-Meerrhh-Kuh!

Happy Independence Day, everyone! As a Filipino-American, I embrace the Islands and of course my only home, America. God bless this country! Here's a photo shoot dedicated to the Fourth. It was photographed by my good friend, V and styled by yours truly.
A salute to our soldiers.  Thank you for your service.

Head to knee in Forever 21, including the little camera necklace. Boots by Frye.

This part of the shoot looks more Cinco De Mayo-esque, so it's doesn't really transcend as American. The bench was kinda nasty and needed a nicer touch. Outfit is All-American though. :)
DIY vest made from an Old Nave denim jacket.

Adding some Latin flavor. What is America without culture? What is Cali without Mexico? NOTHING.

Now some Asian flair.

Dress from Mode Plus.

America, F*ck Yeah!

Wedged platforms from Bakers.
Wishing you all a lovely and safe holiday! And yes, yes I did change my Blog Title.  Hope you like it. :)

Peace, love and muscle-powered cars,