Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Boogie Night: Gettin' Down with the Funky Bunch

Two weeks ago, I got down with the funky bunch and dressed up for a friend's themed birthday party.  70s/80s was the name of the game and like any fashionista I was happy to play dress-up, especially since the 70s is my favorite fashion decade. Theme parties, including ones that require a big poofy afro, are always a hit in my book.  Check out my digs. 

Rocked some purple eyeshadow and false lashes.
"Keep on dancin, whoo!" 

Top- Vintage from my mom's closet
Shorts- Mode Plus
Shoes- Gold Seychelles (5 years ago)

I wanted to wear a leather coat that I own that has fur trim. A lovely shade of 70s autumn brown,  it was the perfect vintage piece for this party but it was too hot, so I opted for the disco top and high-wasted shorts instead.  Not the most 70s looking outfit, but it worked when I topped it with my afro and gold shoes.

Speaking of dressing up, I don't think I'm gonna do anything other than wear some funky eyelashes for Halloween. I've got a wedding to take part in, and won't have any time to make a good costume. Any of you guys dressing up? What as? My inquiring mind wants to know! 

Hope you are all fine and dandy. :)


  1. Solid! The close-up is sooo beautiful, right on! I also really like the photo of the legs dancing and you sitting in the midst of it all.
    I'm thinking of being Storm from the X-Men for Halloween; I haven't dressed up since I was a little kid.

  2. I am absolutely swooning over your sequins top! I'm thinking about being miss piggy for halloween! the ultimate plus size diva! LOL

  3. Looove the sequence top hair and makeup, nice! you are rockin' the 80's look. :)

  4. oh wow, you look flawless, FLAWLESS, from head to toe! I love this outfit, it really has the great 70's vibe, your hair adds the perfect touch, and the makeup is ravishing! ♥

  5. those shoes! my god. you look awesome!

  6. Amazing picture and amazing outfit, you look so good in these pictures, I love your blouse and those shorts are perfect, the perfect touch and your accessories rock! You have a lovely blog and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  7. Love the hair, the top and the shoes! You definitely captured the 70s essence while still looking amazingly current!

  8. OMG!

    Your makeup looks fabulous & that fro is fierce!
    I also love those heels, hell I love it all :)

    take me too the disco too!


  9. Girl that top is fabulous and your makeup looks perfect! You are just so so pretty! Kiah