Friday, May 27, 2011

Love is....

....a lot more than just a wedding, but man, is a wedding pretty darn close or what?

I know I owe you guys more pics of my trip but I had such a good time at my friends' wedding this past weekend, I thought that I'd post some pictures of the wonderful event. My friends Rick and Whitney (whom my friends and I label "Shmoopy" on account of that one Seinfeld episode) got married at the Los Angeles River Center & Gardens last Friday and boy, what a great time is was! It was so beautiful and was pretty much planned by Whitney herself with tons of help from her mother and bridesmaids. 

The venue a more intimate affair filled with close family and friends. It is times like these where one can't help but pause and evaluate where they are in life and who they are in love with.  I'll admit, for a minute there, I did get saddened by the fact that I've been single for the past two years, having been dating a guy for the past year and the relationship has not transformed into anything substantial (as far as commitment goes), and that at this point, I do feel lonely.

But all those thoughts escaped my mind as soon as I set foot into the ceremony area where I saw a space filled with family and friends from all walks of life. Immediately, feelings of happiness invaded my sorrow and I reveled in the fact that I was surrounded by people that I love....who love me back.

And throughout the rest of the night, even with the hitches of drama, love and enjoyment were seen from many angles.  And in addition, the weather was perfectly fair and the cupcakes were to DIE for. It was beautiful and I couldn't have asked for a better evening.

Some highlights of the event:

-The bride was walked down the aisle escorted by her two grandfathers (how cute is that?) and when asked "Who gives away this bride?" one of them (the one with the walking cane) said "I do, but Rick, if you do not take care of Whitney, I will punch you. So sweet and cute.

-The flowers were gorgeous, you'll see.

-My friend Rick looked like most nervous man in the world, while Whitney looks like the happiest woman in the world.  I guess that's how it usually goes, right? :)

-There was a photobooth with props, and a photobooth always makes the party better!

-I cut up a rug on the dance floor!

-The flower girls wore tutus. 

-My best friend's boyfriend got super drunk (in the best possible way) and was hilarious cuz he went crazy on the dance floor!

-My friends and I had some major laughs and good times with each other. God, I love the 31O. And I got to see people I haven't seen in quite a while plus meet some cool new folks.

-Maids of Honor got a little too tipsy.  Note to self: never give flasks full of booze to your bridesmaids as a gift right before the wedding.  God, I love Whitney, but what the hell was she thinking? One MOH caused some drama with the best man and his friends and the other ended up puking all over the hallway. But I guess crazy things like that happen at weddings that hold open bar, even if it was just beer and wine.

-The boys started a puny moshpit consisting of like 6 guys.  Lol.  Gotta give the guys an A for effort cuz when Metallica starts playin' ya gotta get wild!

-This is disgusting but extremely noteworthy (at least it is to me) and beware, what I'm about to say is vulgar and may offend.  But the people at my table said that the water looked and smelled like cum (semen). When they asked me what the water smelled like, in total innocence (which is unusual on my part) I said that it smelled like pond water....until they told me what it THEY thought it smelled like. Ya, gross.  So new brides, make sure the water at your reception is tip top.  Otherwise you'll be having people talk about the jizzy water on your special day.

Anyway, enough of the yammering.  Here are some shots from Shmoopy Day. :)

Awww. <3

Lol, where it all starts.

Gotta handle some boob tuckage!

Me and some awesome ladies.  My dress is from H&M, belt and ring from Forever 21, boyfriend watch from Fossil, and I wore white patent leather wedged heels that totally made the outfit (sorry you can't see them).

A dance with a family member.

The beautiful venue.

Some of the 31O krew, plus Whit's auntie.

The guys moshing and my friend's mom joining in the song. :) So cute.

Groom getting carried away.

Me with my buddy Jer (one of the best men). I being totally filipino, pointing with my lips.

Crushing hearts and beer cans since 1994.

This moatorboatin' SOB is cheek deep!


  1. looks like you had lots of fun - I love weddings, they are so much fun, everyone is dressed to beautifully! thats so cute about her two granddads giving her away.


  2. cute photos! so colourful and fun! <3

  3. This wedding looks BEAUTIFUL!! I love the flowers floating in the water!! Love your dress girl. You look so pretty. Kiah

  4. awwwww the wedding looked so beautiful and so did you honey!


  5. the pictures are so cute xoxo