Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If you are reading this, then you were not saved by Jesus in the second coming. :)

Awwww, darn it! Well, at least I can celebrate being home from the Motherland! That's right, I'm baaaaccckkkkk! From the Philippines, that is. I've actually have been back for a week and a half and while overcoming my week-long jet lag happily celebrated a wedding, my best friend's graduation, and other bff's birthday brunch this past weekend. Man, I know I just got back from a long vacay, but I'm tired.

I am ready to be up and running though. Headed back to the grind this week and will get back to my regular blog writing regimen (not that I really had much of one -- still a newbie blogger here).

My trip was fantastic and it was refreshing not to be wired and connected to the Internet 24/7.  I managed to clear my head and am excited to write again.

While there I played photographer and took some great shots. I think I took about 600 of them since it was a three week vacation in both the Philippines and Singapore. I won't bore you with so many but here's a little taste of what I saw beginning with just Singapore.  There are way too many to go through in one sitting so I'll post the Philippines ones next time.

Hope you all are well.  And glad we are all here to experience life on Earth a little longer.  :) God Bless us all.

Public transportation and the whole city itself is impeccably clean.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Mall

Old Church converted into food court located in the business district.

My first taste of Stingray.  Paired with Chili sauce, it's delicious.
                                                                 Singapore Botanical Gardens

                                                          SAM: Singapore Art Museum

Endless Book Tunnel: use of mirrors. 

Famous Chili Crab, Oatmeal Prawns, Kang Kong at No Signboard Restaurant.  Soooo good. 

SG Skyline.  With my Cousin. 

View of the skyline atop the Marina Bay Sands Hotel


  1. You know, I thought I got the travel bug out of my system but after seeing you pics not so! The food looks amazing, and eventhough Ive had dinner its made me hungry! xx


  2. Missed you girl! Welcome back! Love all of the beautiful pictures! So glad that you were able to re-group while you were away! Kiah

  3. OH wow these are cool pictures. I want to make my way over to Singapore too, I heard it's impressively clean and awesome. I also heard that gum is illegal, haha!! Glad you're back girl.


  4. beautiful photos! welcome home! :D

  5. @tooMANYsequins

    Man, Jessica, I totally get it! I was gone for three weeks and it still not out of my system. I want to go back! We should travel and go away at every chance we get, because it truly is good for the soul.

  6. @LOCA Thanks! It's so impressive how clean it is. You should totally go if you get the chance!

  7. @alicia
    Thank you! It's good to be back. I do miss it already though.

  8. @Nekiah

    Thanks Kiah! The time off was just what I needed. Hope you are well and I look forward to your posts.