Friday, September 9, 2011

It may be just me...

...but I hate the shortening of certain words. These days, every sort of word or phrase is shortened. As we live in this technological age, it is apparent that our vocabulary and knowledge is not only filled to the brim with too much information but includes strong shots of indolence. As a result, we can't help but LOL, BTW, STFU and EGBDF (bet you can't figure that acronym out).

But more recently, we have strayed away from using letters as statements and have now just shamelessly butchered words into smaller versions of themselves. As a writer and self-proclaimed "vocalizer," I will say that using the term "adorbs" to replace the word "adorable" and "obvs" to replace "obviously" and even "hilar" to replace "hilarious" is ridiculously sickening. It's almost as revolting as Lindsay Lohan's role in Herbie the VW bug movie, or when Heidi Montag decided that her boobs should be a size H....for Heidi.

Anyway, for my sanity (since that's all that matters), please stop minimizing our words to the lowest level. :( We are smarter that that! At least make up a word. Add to Oxford Beyonce and the word, "bootylicious." Don't cut words so short...they do, in the long run, have great meaning.

<3 Hope you all are in good spirits.


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