Thursday, June 2, 2011


Have you ever fantasized about what your future partner's name would be? I have. In my countless crushes, I've come across many Justins that I really liked. And after closetly falling in love with Justin Timberlake while he was in N'Sync (I listened to Pantera, Sublime and Rage Against the Machine at the time), I started to fantasize about mixing our two names together. Hence, "JustinJoy." Hehe, as in "Just Enjoy." Silly, I know. It would be pretty damn cool if I dated a Justin though. Cooler than Brangelina, don't ya think?

At present day, I'm happy to report that I'm no longer a closet JT fan. I openly love and appreciate him for his keen, wannabe-Michael dance skills, his appropriately high falsetto (which makes him seem a little gay-ish), his cute Mickey Mouse club face, and his ability to make women swoon.  I even miss his old margarine-styled Jew Fro (that was an ode to Sue Sylvester).

He's just got it, folks! And you can't forget DICK IN A BOX!!! Those four words alone define his greatness. In case you need a good laugh this week, enjoy the latest SNL Digital Short.

Love the wardrobe, totally brings me back to the early 90s.


  1. a dick in a box is the gift that keeps on giving! ;D

  2. lmfao, i loveeeeee them! i needed a good laugh girl thanks for sharing this hilarious video!


  3. I love Justin and I remember this!! I love when he's on SNL!! haha Kiah