Monday, April 4, 2011

Yes, please!

 I need a skirt like this one from Monki

I've seen a handful of fashionistas post outfits with this skirt on their blog and man, the skirt screams style! It reminds me of my mother. In the 70s she had some major style and a skirt just like this one. 

Anyone know where I can order this in the US?


  1. Yeah i've been seeing it all over the place too! I dont know if you have an H&M, or a Mango store where you live but im sure you can order it online from them aswell I think they ship internationally and theyre at a good price too :)


  2. This is the 1st time that I have seen this skirt but I want it! I am getting ready to do a post of a pleated skirt. I love them! They remind me of my grandma! haha Kiah

  3. Yes the maxi skirt and maxi dress are back, love it !!

  4. @Thick Threads H&M only does online shopping for certain countries in Europe and non for the US. I may just have to search for it in the actual store. I'll try Mango.