Friday, April 8, 2011

Wedding Belles

And "Belles" these women are! There's been a lot of wedding talk lately.  Photos have emerged from Reese Witherspoon's second nuptual and the whole world is anticipating the highly publicized royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

I've been reading wedding news in the virtual world too.  Blogger Anna from Fash Boulevard just got engaged, posted photos of her commemorative event and also posted pictures of last Winter's Nicole Richie/Joel Madden wedding.  Then I'm came across Hong Kong blogger Coco Celine's post regarding Vogue UK's gorgeous wedding editorial. Talk about amazeballs!

Maybe Spring brings it out in people, but the last thing on my mind right now is marriage. However, as a young woman who has been conditioned with the likes of fairy tales and animated Disney films, I cannot help but fantasize about my dream wedding gown. These photos really did it for me. 

From Vogue UK's May 2011 issue:

Photographed by Mark Testino

Modeled by Arizona Muse, Krisi Pyrhonen, Madelene De La Motte, Irina Berezina, Karmen Pedaru and Fei Fei Sun

Styled by Lucinda Chambers

Isn't the photography and styling charming? I especially love the uniformed men and women in the back [and fore]ground. With gowns like these, marriage and a wedding look ten times more appealing.  Unlike the sadly-draped outfits in the photo below.

Poor souls.  Is LOVE really that toxic?!

I'm in love with the romantic, yet dramatic quality of the lace in the first gown. What's your favorite from the series?

Peace, love, mounds of joy, and muscle-powered cars....



  1. haha! i love that last picture!

    my favourite is the one surrounded by pearly kings and queens!

    i got married in my jeans. <3

  2. Those photos are gorgeous and the dresses are ah-mazing! Weddings are always fun conversation!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls