Friday, March 25, 2011

The Power of NOW!!!

It's amazing how things in life are so connected. At a point where I'm learning more about myself, I've been on this whole NOW kick.  I want to get a full-time job now. I need to fix my roof now.  I have to write 5 articles now.  It's time to take more pictures now. You get the picture.

Well, as newcomer to blogging I've been exploring more of what the Interwebs has to offer. And, as life often suitably dictates, whilst clicking through this virtual world,  the word "now" has popped up everywhere.

It all started when I started reading ThinkSimpleNow. A daily motivational, which in one of it's many uplifting dailies mentioned The Power of Now, an inspirational non-fiction by Eckhart Tolle (now on my wishlist at Amazon).

Then all these other "now" things popped up, more specifically sites. is one of note, as well as (the National Organization of Women).  But while perusing the blog world, I came across The Man Repeller. Not a "now" blog, this satirical and genius take on ludicrous fashion that inevitably repels men pointed me towards

Talk about AMAZEBALLS! While those other political and inspirational sites are great to read, inquiring about world issues and self-improvement and all, the artist inside me was ecstatic over the fact that I've stumbled into the greatness that is NOWNESS.

Described on their website:

NOWNESS is the digital leader in luxury storytelling. Each day, NOWNESS showcases an exclusive premiere of the most inspiring stories influencing contemporary culture and global lifestyle, previewing the latest in fashion, gastronomy, art, film, music, design, travel and sport.

NOWNESS collaborates with the world’s foremost designers, creatives and thinkers in the luxury industry. NOWNESS is an innovative space where ideas, both timeless and timely, are first and foremost. 

With it's countless eye candy relating to fashion, photography and other mediums of creativity, this site will leave you glued to your computer for days! If it wasn't for the late hour,  I would totally browse until my eyes were dry and my fingers hurt from clicking so much.

But it's late. I guess I will have to explore the goodness when the sun rises. Until then, goodnight sweet, sweet NOWNESS.

If you have a few minutes, check out this clip from NOWNESS called Advanced Style: Age and Beauty. It's a trenchant point of view of eccentric sartorialists with addicting  appetites for fashion.  Also termed by one as "the anti-fashion in fashion."

Such an interesting video, it makes us fashionistas look crazy! But these women are OG fashionistas. They have such exuberance for fashion, you can't help but fall in love them. Primed for cool threads long before the likes of modern day icons like Lady Gaga and Madonna, I could only hope I have their confidence and grace when I grow old.  I could do without some of their fashion sense, but hey, gotta give them major street cred...and gotta give it to them NOW. :)

Peace, love, and muscle-powered cars,

p.m.s. Please excuse the rather high volume of linkage.  I just wanted to promote those noteworthy sites.


  1. Thank you for sharing that blog. I looked at the clip featuring the "seasoned" ladies and I LOVE THEM!! I love their style and their outlook on the entire concept of fashion! Do what you what and who gives a hoot what anyone else thinks. I think fashion is such a dynamic art! I can't remember which blog I read this quote on but I love it "fashion is what you buy....STYLE is how you put it together". Personally I think you should buy a piece that is "on trend" but the rest should be what makes you unique. Thank you for sharing. I loved it! Kiah

  2. Glad you enjoyed that little vid, Kiah. Ya, those women are quite inspirational. And I agree with you whole-heartedly that fashion is a dynamic art. However, I do believe that there are also appropriate times and places for such eccentricities. I love the confidence those women exude and although some outfit choices are questionable, there is a fine line between stylish/chic fashion and just plain obsessive kookiness. To each his own though. I still think those women are amazing and wish they were my grandmothers. :)