Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meet the Man With 82 Tattoos of Julia Roberts’s Face

Obsessed Julia Robert's Tattooed Fan

Wow, $100,000! Really?! Perhaps the cult of celebrity admiration has gone too far. You think Beverly Hills' most glamorous prostitute, Vivian Ward, would give this guy the time of day?

Speaking of Pretty Woman, at the tender age of 10, I stayed at my pseudo uncle's Las Vegas motel. It was a smoke-stained, kinda crummy but not too bad momo that we visited once a year, placed just off the famous casino strip. Pretty Woman was playing in the lobby and my mom scolded me for sneaking in to watch it. I guess hookers in Beverly Hills weren't the best content for a 10-year-old. But, I'm glad I did, otherwise I would have probably learned of the greatness that is Prince much later in life.

Mil Besos. EnJOY!


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