Sunday, September 4, 2011

Calling all Mad Men fans!!!

Hello everyone! Hope you guys are enjoying this wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Mine has been good so far. Sorry about the infrequent posts.  Blogging can be so demanding! But so can watching reality television, hanging out with boys, developing relationships and living life!

After being super lazy and not working out for a while, I finally took an exercise class last week called Burn 60 (intervals of cardio and strength and circuit training), which totally kicked my butt.  The good hurt was a hurt that lasted 3 days and has finally subsided, but it was super motivating and got me back into the swing of being active.

Apart from that, I've been on the hunt for work, playing/learning more music and just enjoying the time that I have had off. Perhaps enjoying it a little too much.  Last night I went to a Mad Men (EFF YA!) party with a friend, and it was just plain lovely. It's a shame I didn't bring my camera, because I would have gotten some great shots.  But it was a party where I didn't know anyone but the person that invited me, so I didn't want to be the awkward/random person taking photos.  Next time, I should just not have a care and bring it anyway.  Challenge accepted!

The fun shindig was in a decent-sized apartment with dark crimson walls that gave the home a speakeasy vibe.  As soon as me and the boy walked in, everyone was so dapperly and classically dressed I felt like I walked into another time zone.  It was indeed Mad Men-esque.  Had the room been filled with smoke, I wouldn't have mistaken it for a beatnik party scene from the show.

A lovely small group of ladies and gentlemen were finely dressed in their best suits and fabulous vintage finds sipping on Martinis and Old Fashioneds.

I was particularly impressed with the ladies.  Most of them were small-framed and had beautiful, real retro finds. The kinds that are usually hard for me to purchase. Damn, these huge tatas of mine. Seriously, I wish I had documented the night so you could see.  Most of the ladies also had "bumps" or bobbed hair, full of volume as well as vintage jewelry to complete their looks. I went for the Christina Hendrinks/Joanie look, wearing a black pencil skirt, black and white striped top, thick white high-wasted belt and some classic looking ankle-strapped heels. I topped the look off with some pearls (borrowed from mom) and a very high bun.  Darn, I wish I took photos of myself! Ok, I'll stop with the photo thing. :p

The men were also very handsome.  Dressed to the nine with 3-peiced black and grey suits, topped with black fedora hats. They were not far from Don Draper or Roger Sterling.  Hubba, hubba!

Apart of the old-time drinks with recipes to make them, the apartment was decorated with old match books, liquid candy wax bottles, and printed Mad Men ads (including a copy of Don Draper's press release/newspaper letter on giving up on Tobacco/Lucky Strike). The show was also playing on the telly, while a Mad Men playlist was pleasantly streaming through the stereo.  It was just all too awesome. The bathroom was even labeled "Don Draper," indicating it as his office.  How good it as that?! The only thing missing was Scotch.  None of the men were drinking it (as it wasn't available) but rather, more sugary drinks like the "Don Draper" aka an Old Fashioned or some make of whatever ingredients were left.

To top it off, after a lovely pink-lemonade shot thingy made by one of the guests, the group of us did a fully-committed Conga line (like from the Christmas episode). It was just too cute and super fun. We even did the twist, where the boy was explaining how he taught a German friend how to do the classic dance by mimicking putting out cigarettes with your foot. LOL.

For the last time, it really was a shame...well, you know.  Oh, but wait! I do have some iPhone photos.  A gal there took some awesome Instagram shots.  Hopefully I can steal a few. Here are some of mine...

All the ingredients to make an Old Fashioned and other classic drinks.
Meena the kitten and some Mad Men ads.
Guess she was thirsty. That's my hot ass vintage purse, embelleshed with cutout fabric.

Like I said, if I brought my camera, I would've come out with some epic shots.  All good though. The memories will never leave me head. Here's a vid featuring many a favorite, Screamin' Jay Hawkins with "I Put a Spell on You." I've known of this song for so long but never watched Screamin' do a performance and me and the boy were getting such a kick outta it at the party.  Such good voodoo magic music, right thurrrr....

Keep a watching eye at 3:00, as it gets really magical there! His voice is dramatic and dynamic! This is some good, pre-Lady Gaga tunage.

Well, my weekend is far from over and I'm going to do a bit more damage and dance to some kickass Cumbia tonight! Hope you all are having a beautiful, safe weekend!

One more thing! Just realized that the Mad Men intro song is by RJD2! Gosh, it makes the show that much cooler!


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