Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ah-Meerrhh-Kuh!

Happy Independence Day, everyone! As a Filipino-American, I embrace the Islands and of course my only home, America. God bless this country! Here's a photo shoot dedicated to the Fourth. It was photographed by my good friend, V and styled by yours truly.
A salute to our soldiers.  Thank you for your service.

Head to knee in Forever 21, including the little camera necklace. Boots by Frye.

This part of the shoot looks more Cinco De Mayo-esque, so it's doesn't really transcend as American. The bench was kinda nasty and needed a nicer touch. Outfit is All-American though. :)
DIY vest made from an Old Nave denim jacket.

Adding some Latin flavor. What is America without culture? What is Cali without Mexico? NOTHING.

Now some Asian flair.

Dress from Mode Plus.

America, F*ck Yeah!

Wedged platforms from Bakers.
Wishing you all a lovely and safe holiday! And yes, yes I did change my Blog Title.  Hope you like it. :)

Peace, love and muscle-powered cars,



  1. Darlin you look absolutely amazing! I cant even start with which outfit i like more on this collecton of yours! i love the see through lace so sexy and stunning, love the denim vest so rock n rock :P and i LOVE that last dress i have had my eye on it lately! :) great post :)


  2. Girl you are so sexy!! I love love love all of the pics and the hint of blue in your hair is so pretty! I love your denim vest and that striped skirt is insane! The wedges at the end....I need those in my life!! Love the new blog title!! Kiah

  3. you look so incredible! i love the style of your outfits and the color and the culture! incredible! that striped dress look so amazing on you and i love your red lips!

    definitely following!!!

    sarah rose

  4. @FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" Thanks Kiah! Ya, I'm loving the blue, better than the blonde I think as it is more subtle. Hope you're well!

  5. that lace top is beautiful! great styling!!

  6. Love the Bakers sandals. Both outfits are very cute & show off different sides. Love your attitude in the pics :-)


  7. Wow, I love all these looks. The lace top with stripe skirt is too cute! You look fabulous!

  8. what great shot - looking fab


  9. stunning, beautiful and loving all the outfits too! you reminded me of america ferrera :)