Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

Adele is the quintessential modern maven for the somber ballad.  Her incredible lyrics and weighty tones never fail to evoke true, deep-seated love.

Her song "He Won't Go" from her newest album 21, describes how I currently feel about my love life....*sigh* Anyone ever feel the way I do?



  1. Take the risk girl! I really believe that love is not a feeling because feelings change with each condition. Love is a decision. You are choosing to love a person no matter how you feel...unconditionally. There are days that I don't like my husband very much and there are days that I just wanna be free from all the responsibility and accountability of marriage but I decided long ago...I'm in this come what may..thru the good, the bad and even the ugly! If he is the one you will know it without a doubt. Kiah

  2. Great and wise words Kiah. I must remind myself that love IS a decision. Thing is, he's can't be the one. I have doubts, so he can't be, right?

    Whatever happens, I appreciate him most of all for being a friend and a person so smart and talented that he's inspired me to reawaken my creativity. He may not be the one, but I still have the same feelings as described in the song....

    Still, I'm blessed and thank God for bringing me such great men and women in my life. Thanks for the wise words, Kiah.


  3. I don't think that doubts necessarily mean that he is not the one. With fear comes doubts. Relationships can be scary. You are putting your every emotion on the line and exposing your "true" self. Man that is so serious because when they disregard or hurt one of those feelings it can crush you!! I have loved others who were obviously NOT the ones but I have taken each experience and used it as a lesson. I can say this..the ONE that I kept is the one that encouraged me to do me the most. He has always pointed out my talents, supported my personal goals/desires and has never been afraid to tell me the truth about myself(even when it hurt). Time will tell sweetie...time will tell. In the meantime...enjoy every moment of whatever this is at present! Kiah