Saturday, April 9, 2011


I am a fashion enthusiast but also take joy in the comfort of an old, perfectly-fitted pair of jeans. With California's tough economy, it's hard to consistently maintain my wardrobe with the latest trends.  But in positivity, I make do of what remains in my slightly outdated, heavily-filled,  sporadically used clothing collection.

On that note, I'm am comfortably dressed in my FIRST EVER [poorly] planned OOTD post. Or rather, the Joy Du Jour, as I take pleasure in donning an random, yet well put together outfit on the spot.  I barely had enough time to squeeze in a self-shoot before I headed to North Hollywood to interview local metal band Stitched Up Heart (I'm a freelance writer for local news site, the Palisades Patch). 

The outfit isn't as glamorous and hip as I'd like it to be, but as I implied, times are tough.  With very little time, I utilized some old pieces, mixed in some favorites and even threw in my infrequently-used Mickey Mouse tee. I made it work.  Not to mention dressed appropriately for my casual interview with some kick-ass rockers.

The only thing I would've done differently is add more accessories.  My turquoise ostrich leather purse would compliment this outfit perfectly and I'd even throw in a couple more cocktail rings for that extra oomph. Well, enough chit chat....

Here's my outfit as well as some photos of Stitched Up Heart from my interview. And yes, yes I do wear my sunglasses indoors. :)

Joy Du Jour

Gosh, fashion blogging makes us so narcissistic.

**Blazer by Torrid, Mickey Mouse tee from Disney, Discount joyfriend jeans (you don't need a bf to own bf jeans), Clogs by Bakers, Belt from Jet Lag Vintage, Earring from Tres Jolie.**

Stitched Up Heart at AMP Studios

EnJOY the weekend everyone!

Peace, love, mounds of Joy and muscle-powered cars,



  1. Love the blazer! Great outfit and great pics form your interview!

  2. Joy!! You need to do more outfit post because you are beautiful and you look so cute in your jeans and blazer. I love the Mickey Tee!! They look like they rocked it out! Kiah

  3. GREAT blazer! It really does go perfectly with jeans. And probably is versatile enough to wear a dozen different ways too. What a great find!!

  4. @FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" Thanks Kiah! I will definitely be posting more outfits. Best to you in AZ!

  5. Yes Joy! Do my outfit posts girl!!! You look super great.


  6. @LOCA Thanks Denise! That means a lot, and I will! :)