Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Check Out the Digs

Last Friday, I joined the Ruskie (slang for a Russian person) for a night out to watch a mock live-radio show at Club Fais Do Do (pronounced fay-doh-doh), The show is called Lost Moon Radio. This is what I wore, including a couple of venue photos.  Sorry the photo quality is so poor. Only had my phone to document that night.

Some of my favorite things: Tie-dye Circle Scarf by American Apparel, Blazer by Torrid, Suade high-heeled clogs by Baker's

Club Fais Do Do
Dressing Room

Lost Moon Radio is a fun and smart, yet small production that is based in my hood, Mid-City, Los Angeles (at least their performances are). The live production involves "radio" episodes containing witty and sometimes dark, satirical skits.  It's hosted by an "Interplanetary Disc Jockey" named Jupiter Jack who's joined with talented actors that perform droll bits and mock-commercials, all of which are accompanied by a live band.

After an hour and a half of stomach-aching banter, the show ends but the band doesn't, and concludes the after-show with live-band karaoke. As a filipino, this is the BEST way to end a show. Y'all know Asians love karaoke, right?!

It's pretty cool entertainment. If you live in Los Angeles, like theatre and live music, you should definitely check this little gem out.

Peace, love, mounds of joy and muscle-powered cars,



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